Included in the Victoria and Albert’s major museum exhibition, ‘You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970’. From September 2016- March 2017, then travelling world wide until 16 September 2020


Completed aural ‘Life Story’ for British Library, autumn 2015. To be released worldwide for everyone to listen to Autumn 2016

‘Wilful Blindness’ W139 Gallery, Amsterdam


Tate Britain – BP display

Curate and exhibit in exhibition ‘Human Suffering at Times of Crisis’, Debut Gallery, London


Show recent drawing in Slash/Seconds electronic magazine. Various interviews and reproductions in electronic magazines and national newspapers


1966 performance film, ‘You Will, You Are, You Have’, St.Martin’s School of Art, and 1968 ‘Space, Colour, Form’ film collected by Tate Gallery Archives, and Henry Moore Institute


On going recording of my ‘Life Story’ as an artist, for British Library, London


‘Polychromies’ Opening of new refurbished sculpture galleries, Leeds City Art Museum. Shown alongside works by, Duchamp; Gabo; Pevsner; Pasmore; Riley

Victoria & Albert Museum travelling exhibition to German and Austrian Survey of Museums collection celebrating its 150th Anniversary and Prince Albert


Installation of ‘On the Case’, 26'x18'x8', glass, acrylic, print, Victoria & Albert Museum

Limited Edition print based on Installation ‘On the Case’, Collected by The Henry Moore Institute

‘United Enemies’ Survey of British Sculpture, 1965-1975. Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


Exhibited ‘Discerning Eye’ Exhibition, Mall Galleries. Show 6 works at invitation of curator Julius Bryant


Exhibition, Jan Mol, Covent Garden, London. Jan Mol presents work to Victoria & Albert Museum.

Monograph book on the artist entitled, The tomorrow of my yesterday, published by Veenman Publishers, Holland. Author: Julius Bryant, with contributions from Richard Humphreys, Raymond Keene Gm., and Adrian Glew


Victoria & Albert 150th Anniversary Album, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Mixed Exhibition. The Drawing Gallery, London


Pairs – 5 artists. The Drawing Gallery, London

Art Fair. Islington, London


S.O.F.A. Chicago International Art Show

‘40-40’, The Drawing Gallery, London, purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum


Mixed Exhibition. The Drawing Gallery, London

Inaugural Exhibition. The Drawing Gallery, London

The Firebird Series: Votive Movements in bronze, glass, grass and brass. Zest Gallery, London

Going Forward to Drawing – a Retrospective. The Drawing Gallery, London


The Art of Chess. The Gilbert Collection, Somerset House, London. Martin’s work accompanied art by Damien Hirst, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Yoko Ono and others Catalogue by Timothy Stevens. Galerija Riga, Novigrad-Cittanova, Croatia

Retrospective, Art of Chess, Gilbert (collection) Somerset House, London


Drawing Causal Rhythm, 1963 purchased by Arts Council of England. Also acquire working drawing for series Revelation Tret 1965-66 (a kinetic sculpture already in their collection purchased 1968)

Invited by The University of London, The Slade School, to create a print under their auspices

Create ‘Rim or Imager’, printed by Coriander Press, London


Recent Acquisitions exhibition to accompany the inaugural opening of Tate Britain. Tate Gallery, London

‘Viola’ main summer exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Paris

Royal Society of British Sculptors Summer Exhibition inaugural show

LED. COM. Drawings, prints, Kinetic word sculpture and performance Saturday 4 November.

At the World Chess Tournament between Gary Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik, London

Official artist for the world championship chess match between Kasparov and Kramnik. Riverside Studios, London

Tate Britain – Opening exhibition


291 Gallery, London Porcupines

‘Reflections on Structions on Structure and Meaning’, Olympia, London

Elected member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Invited by English Heritage to unveil the Blue Plaque in London to commemorate the great English and world chess champion Howard Staunton

Organise painting and drawing summer school in Marche region, Italy


5 works cast by The Royal College of Art, London. Several works purchased by German collectors

Bronze relief sculptures, relief bronze purchased by Harrodian School, London

Organise painting and drawing summer school at the Medici hunting fortress, Trebbio, Florence, Italy


Mind sports Olympiad, review The Times. Festival Hall, London

Organise painting and drawing summer school with architect Jasper Jacob, at St. Jory, France


36 Hour Non-Stop Homage to Marcel Duchamp created by the artist this was the first time a gallery was opened throughout the night. Entwistle Gallery, Cork St, London

Martin writes The Times obituary for Alexina (Teeny) Duchamp

Invited to spend two weeks in Jordan by Prince Mohammed bin Talal, (the late King Husssein’s younger brother). View the country from top to bottom impressed by Petra

Design the Howard Stauton memorial grave in Kensal Green Cemetery. Unveiled the summer


Bad Bishops and Red Rooks, exhibited 18 drawings and other work on paper, Gave lecture on work, Hasting Museum of Art

New View exhibit 14 large drawings under the auspices of English Heritage. Hamilton Forbes Gallery, Chelsea Harbour, London, British Sculpture Since 1945. Chiswick House, London

Chess and Art: Hastings Chess Congress Centenary Exhibition. Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, England. Eighteen chess-related works


2 day symposium entitled Action debate my work along with Bruce MCLean, Professor John Aitken, Peter Struyken, Gordon Pask, Christian Zwaniken. The Slade School of Art and The Architectural Association, London


Exhibit work on channel 4 Television interviewed by Carol Vorderman

Exhibition of work to accompany world Chess Match between Nigel Short and Gary Kasparov as the official artist, sponsored by The Times newspaper


Echec et Mat, exhibited work along with those of Duchamp, Ernst, Man-Ray, Brooodthaers, Richard Hamilton. Beaux Art Gallery, Brussels


Chess Images. Sandra Higgins Fine Arts, Bourdon Street, London, W1, Selection of drawings and paintings

1991; 1993

Co-organise, Art and Chess symposia, Tate Gallery, London along with John Cage, Teeny Duchamp (the late Marcel Duchamp’s wife), Raymond Keene, Richard Humphreys, Tate Senior Curator(the first of these symposia was in 1991 to which the above came)


Move into newly completed studio in Chiswick House grounds, West London


Awarded inaugural Picker Lectureship, Kingston University, Kingston, London



International Exhibition of Paintings on Drawings, Naples, Italy


City University, 12 collages, London

Small Works Celebration for Briget Bardot, Milan. Italy


London Group, Camden Art Centre

International Exhibition of Drawings. Bilbao, Spain

12 British Painters Touring Exhibition, Japan

Newcastle Poly Gallery. Small Drawing Also '81, '79

Studio Exhibition. Space Studios, Berry Street, London

Mashomac. New York, USA


London Group, South London Art Gallery

Gwynn Hoges Gallery, Oxford

Studio Show. Space Studios, Berry Street, London


Drawing Show, Morley Gallery

Goya Gallery. Zaragosa, Spain


Contemporary Arts Society, Mall Gallery


Artist's Market, London Warehouse

British Art Show, Art Council ’79 ’80

Patrick Seale Gallery, London

Taranman Gallery, London


South Bank Sculpture Exhibition, 100 Years of St. Martin’s Art School

Artist’s Market, Warehouse Gallery

British Painting 7952-7977, Royal Academy

12 British Painters, Arts Council and British Council Exhibition for Iceland, Also wrote introduction for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee catalogue of British Sculpture exhibited in Battersea Park, London

Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Studio International Gallery, London (Formerly Art Net)


Group Show, Air

Group Show, Hoya

Hoya Gallery, London


London Group, Whitechapel


Group Show. Grabowski, London

Movements. Harlow, Essex

Frere Jacques, Kensington


Arts Council. Spectrum, Alexandra Palace


London Group, R.A.

I .C.A Electric Theatre

Richard Demarco Gallery


London Group R.A.

Manufactured Art. Camden Arts Centre, London

Arts Council of G.B. Hayward Gallery, Kinetics

Onnasch Gallery, Berlin (Air)

Arts Council, Serpentine Gallery


Geisen Kirchen Museum, Berlin (Air)


Documentary film made for BBC 2 Shown. Canada, Australia

Manifestation of Light-Light Artist’s. Bromsgrove Festival, Birmingham (Air Exhibition)

London Group, R.A. Elected Member

Poet’s Choice, A.I.A Gallery

Pavilions in the Parks

Two Man

Man Show, with William Crozier, Compass Gallery, Glasgow


London Group. R.I. Gallery, London


‘Young Contemporaries’, London

‘4 Young Artists’, I.C.A. London, selected from the ‘Young Contemporaries Exhibition’

‘London Group’, R. I. Galleries, London


‘Northern Young Contemporaries’, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

‘Sculpture Now’, A.I.A. Gallery, London

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